How to make a photo that can only be seen when half the eyes are closed?

How to make a photo that can only be seen when half the eyes are closed?

Photos of the face with just half-open eyes have recently become highly popular on numerous social media sites. Social media users are urging that the individual be identified by submitting images of other celebrities.

When you look at such photographs, you get the impression that you know them yet have never seen them before. However, if you close your eyes slightly, it is evident who owns the photograph.

Some photographs appear to be in the mountains, some in the sea, and still others in the forest. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, creates such images. The illusion photo is created based on the user’s query.

Such a photograph is known as a ‘illusion diffusion’ (illusion diffusion) photograph. Today, we’ll show you how to create such illusion dispersion images.

– First of all, go to the Illusion Diffusion site of the Hugging Face dot CO website by clicking here.

– Then click on the box that says ‘Drop image here or click to upload’ and choose the photo you want to create illusion diffusion.

And the Illusion Strength area below can be increased and decreased. The photo will be easily identified if the blue line is moved ahead. The photo will be difficult to recognize if the blue line is maintained tiny.

– Following this, there is a prompt part. You may pick what will make your chosen photo appear in this section. (For instance, you may add A hill, jungle, and mountain.)

– Then select the Run option from the drop-down menu.

– Following execution, a warning choice will show above. It doesn’t really matter. Allow some time. The image below is presently being worked on. The photo is created slowly, depending on your internet connection speed.

– In the box below, the photo is being prepared. The snapshot is ready in less than a minute, according to Internet speed.

– To save, click on the download icon above the image.



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