iOS 17 – TOP Features YOU HAVE TO KNOW

iOS 17 - TOP Features YOU HAVE TO KNOW

iOS 17 New Features

iOS 17 introduces several exciting new features, including AI voice cloning, a bedside clock mode, and hidden customization options.

Custom Stickers with Background Removal

You can create custom stickers by tapping on ‘ADD sticker,’ which automatically removes the background from an image. These stickers can be used in messages and third-party apps with added effects.

Live Stickers in Messages

In Messages, you can turn live images into stickers that continuously play, offering creative and fun ways to express yourself in chats.

Interactive Sticker Effects

Stickers can be enhanced with interactive effects, like puffy and shiny options that respond to how you hold your phone, making messaging more dynamic and fun.

Sticker Integration in Third-Party Apps

The sticker feature extends to third-party apps like WhatsApp, allowing you to use these creative stickers beyond Apple’s ecosystem.

Contact Posters

Custom contact posters now show up on the recipient’s phone when you call them, offering various options for personalization, including photos, emojis, and fonts.

Customizing Contact Posters

You can extensively customize your contact poster by choosing a photo, resizing it, selecting a style, changing the background, and adjusting font settings.

Interactive Contact Posters

The feature allows contacts to create their custom posters, enhancing the visual experience of incoming calls.

Contact Poster Theming

Creating contact posters with matching colors and styles can give your contact list a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Cross-Platform Contact Posters

You can create custom posters for contacts with iPhones, and even for those with Android phones, ensuring a consistent experience on your end.

Name Drop Feature

Name Drop allows easy sharing of contact details by tapping iPhones together, simplifying contact exchange.

Live Voicemail Transcription

With Live Voicemail, you can see real-time transcriptions of voicemail messages, helping you decide whether to take the call or not.

Voice Cloning Teaser

A teaser for an upcoming demonstration of how iOS can clone your voice using artificial intelligence.

Standby Mode for iPhone

Standby mode turns your iPhone into a bedside clock with various customizable clock styles and widgets for added functionality.

Charging Compatibility in Standby Mode

You can use a cable or a MagSafe charger to activate standby mode, allowing flexibility in charging.

Widget Customization in Standby Mode

Standby mode offers widget customization, including clock styles and additional widgets like battery and music controls.

Photo Clock Widget

You can create a photo clock widget, displaying your favorite images, and customize it with different colors.

Interactive Photo Clock

The photo clock widget lets you choose a custom album, adding a personal touch to your iPhone’s display.

Automatic Night Mode

Standby mode features an automatic night mode that adjusts the display to reduce brightness and help you sleep better.

Interactive Widgets

Widgets are now interactive, allowing actions like messaging or calling directly from the widget.

Photo Widget Album Selection

You can now choose the album displayed in the photo widget, giving you more control over your home screen’s appearance.

Customizing Contact Widget

Contact widgets can now be customized with buttons for messaging or calling using different apps.

Find My Widget Improvements

The Find My widget now tracks items and displays their battery status, enhancing the usefulness of the feature.

Undoing Home Screen Mistakes

You can shake your iPhone to undo any mistakes while editing your home screen layout.

Lock Screen Clock Customization

You can adjust the font thickness of the lock screen clock, offering a subtle but impactful customization option.

Extended Astronomy Wallpapers

Astronomy wallpapers now include more celestial bodies like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, providing a broader range of options.

Dynamic Slow Motion Wallpaper

You can set live photos as wallpapers to enjoy dynamic slow-motion backgrounds when unlocking your iPhone.

Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

The Kaleidoscope wallpaper option adds visually captivating animations when locking or unlocking your device.

Multiple Timers

iOS 17 finally introduces the ability to set multiple timers simultaneously, making time management more flexible.

Hands-Free Siri Activation

by enabling a setting in Siri preferences.

Photo Recognition in Photos

The Photos app can automatically identify objects in pictures and provide labels for better organization.

Recipe Suggestions in Photos

For certain photos, like food dishes, the app can even suggest recipes based on the content of the image.

Check-In Feature in Messages

You can now send check-ins to contacts, notifying them of your ETA or location for added security and peace of mind.

Customizable Check-In Options

You can customize check-ins with options for ETA and transportation type, allowing flexibility in how you share your location with others.

Voice Note Transcriptions

Voice notes in messages are automatically transcribed, making it easier to read messages instead of listening to them.

Voice Cloning with Personal Voice

iOS 17 introduces a feature that allows you to clone your voice using artificial intelligence, enhancing your voice assistant experience.

Creating Personal Voice Profiles

You can create a personal voice profile by following simple on-screen prompts and speaking clearly to train the AI.

AI Voice Training Process

After recording prompts, the AI will start training your voice, which may take some time and requires your phone to be on charge.

Using Personal Voice Assistant

Once trained, you can use your personal voice assistant to speak with your voice, providing a more personalized and natural experience.

Closing Thoughts on iOS 17

iOS 17 brings a plethora of exciting features that enhance customization, convenience, and creativity on your iPhone.

Upcoming iPhone 15

The transcript ends with a mention of the upcoming iPhone 15, hinting at more innovations to come.

Conclusion and Farewell

The transcript concludes with a farewell message, encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more updates.

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